Thiénot Vintage

Thiénot Vintage is the unique interpretation of a prestigious year, and the fruit of a long, passionate crafting. A blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, it embodies the finest expression of the character of the vintage, offering great aromatic complexity and unfailingly impressive freshness.

Chardonnay 50%
Pinot Noir 50%


A forward thinking and contemporary Champagne House, its inherently family spirit and distinctive style award it a personality of its own.

A Champagne favoured by trendsetters, these premium quality Champagnes are found in only selected establishments throughout the world. 

The classic Thiénot Champagne collection comprises three cuvées: Thiénot Brut, Thiénot Rosé and Thiénot Vintage, which are all cellar-aged for four to eight years to attain their finest expression.

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